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CONSTRUO Windows and Doors is North East Poland based company. We provide best quality all kinds of PVC, timber and timber-aluminium windows and doors.


We are specialists with many years of personal experience gained in export departments of polish window companies in supplying windows to the most of countries in Western Europe.


We source products to support your sales promotion, direct marketing, promotional merchandise from off the shelf to totally unique products, made to order in North East Poland.


Poland as one of the largest window exporters in Europe, creates a wide range of choice of providers. However, how to choose the most appropriate for you? From the first contact CONSTRUO Windows and Doors offers consulting service that covers different fields: choice among our products, financial advices, planning of building process. Check us out ...


We have established cooperation with several factories to provide best products and best price compilation for you. We offer services starting form technical advice about the products, gaining quotations from several producers, placing the order to arranging shipment directly on site.


Our offer is addressed to professionals in widow business, dealers, trade agents and also individuals building their own properties.


Conforming exactly to client’s expectations, we organise our service to meet Your exact needs. We believe in working in partnership with clients on a long term basis and view customer service as the most important part of our business.


We have qualified engineers and technicians to advise and ensure perfection of the products.


We always keep an eye on ethical, environmental, eco-friendly issues.


Our professional, expert service is conducted in a friendly, approachable manner - we enjoy our work and are confident that you'll enjoy working with us.


Please contact us at with the details of your project. We have the capability to provide quality solutions for every project on every market in Europe.