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< class="h3-title">Tilt and Turn wooden windows



For customers who prefer a value of wood as a natural material, aesthetic and ecological we offer wide range of woodwork.

The external appearance of the house symbolizes the character of its owners. Woodwork significantly increases the value of your investment.

Many people underestimate wooden windows but in the last decade,  production technology of wooden windows has developed significantly. The consequence of this was to improve the quality, aesthetics and technical parameters of woodwork.

Currently, high-quality wood windows are similar or even better performance thermal and acoustic insulation PVC windows at the same price.

In contrast to PVC windows, wooden windows can be painted any color from RAL palette which gives architects huge opportunities to design elevation of your house. By contrast, the window stain, shows the beauty of wood - the wood graining and make's possible to compose interior window sills, furnitures and woodwork inside the same color.

It is not true that the renovation woodwork is difficult and labor intensive. Maintenance of wooden windows should be carried out once a year, and it consists simple hardware adjustment and cleaing window frames. That is in no differ from PVC windows, which also require cleaning the frame rather than just cleaning the glass only.


Advantages of wooden windows:

* Windows are made of natural material, used for hundreds of years,
* Wood is the material for a warm and welcoming to the touch,
* Low coefficient of heat transfer timber frame
* 3 - layer engeenered wood has high
stability and durability
* Stain colours show natural grain of wood,
* Adjustable hardware along with their additional functions
* Wooden windows painted with water-soluble, organic, renewable coating that protects against weather influence
* Window frames are not
electrostaticly charged and does not attract dust,
* Frames are low linear expansion under the influence of temperature,
* In case of damage to the windows can be repaired by supplementing the loss of a special trowel, and then paint
* In case of fire, wooden windows does not emit toxic substances,
* Wooden windows can be painted in all RAL colors with which you can adjust the colour of windows to elevation and interior design,
* Higher prestige than the PVCu windows