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Many years of experience gained while working in window business allowed us to select the best products in every aspect.

Selecting products we were guided by:

- Quality
- Price
- Lead times
- Experience of the manufacturer
- Performance

All this has allowed us to create an offer that will satisfy the most demanding customers, containing the finest products of the most reputable manufacturers.



We believe that good knowledge of customer requirements can help us to fit their needs and achieve an optimum combination of price and quality.

All our windows and doors are manufactured individually and delivered in made to measure sizes.


All timber is sourced from sustainable forests in Eastern Europe. The harsh climates that exist in these areas, i.e. short summers and cold dark winters, result in very slow growth in the tree itself. This tight and close grain within the timber is what gives our products their strength, character and durability.


All our windows and doors are manufactured using the most modern production and engineering facilities. To ensure quality, all timber is laminated, vacuum impregnated, treated and then fully finished before leaving the factory.



All products have the required certificates, technical approvals and CE mark.

We are able to offer optimum solutions, but It's your decision to choose the kind of woodwork.


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